What every runner should know before the race.



The Bubba 5k/2k is an open course - meaning it’s not blocked off. There are volunteers all along the route to direct runners and be available in case anything happens, but it’s the responsibility of the runners to be aware of traffic on cross streets and others on the path who are not involved with the race. A photo of the course can be seen on the Register to Run page.


After the race, there will be fruit, water and pastries for the runners. The race ends at Old Boys Brewhouse with a Post-Race Ceremony, filled with live music, games and entertainment; feel free to order food off their menu while enjoying the festivities!

Lost/Stolen/ Damaged Items

We Fight for Bubba is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items before, during and after the race. We cannot guarantee assistance from our volunteers - they will be needed directing runners and looking out for anyone who may need medical attention.


There are only refunds available to those who ordered t-shirts for the race and ended up not getting a shirt. There are no refunds for those who registered to run and then were not able to run on race day.


If there is thunder or lightning, the race will first be delayed for 30 minutes. Then, it’s up to the race directors to decide to cancel it or continue waiting.

Medical Attention

All our volunteers have been trained to know how to handle a situation where medical attention is needed. Our local hospitals have been made aware of the race event and time, so they know where to go immediately if medical assistance is needed. Volunteers will be all along the route available for this type of assistance.


There will be an attendant at Old Boys directing traffic during race registration. Once the Old Boys parking lot is full, parking is available at one of these three locations: Mill Point Health Center, in the grass lot next to (West side) of Mill Point Health Center, or right across the bridge at the William Ferry Park (you can see the park from Old Boys across the channel).

Images below show driving and walking directions to both locations (Red signifies Driving and Blue signifies walking).Both are less than .5 mile drive/walk.